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Daiwa Prorex Lure Storage Bucket XL

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Simple but brilliant! The Prorex XL Lure foldable bucket solves a significant problem of many trophy hunters and lure collectors - the save and space-saving containment of XL lures right after usage. Especially wet lures shouldn't be stored in a plastic box right after application because of possible corrosion of hooks, steel wires and split rings. Additionally it allows a quick exchange of the lure. At the XL Lure foldable bucket, you can simply hook the lures into the holes of the upper splint - the lures dry and don't lie all over the boat - more security and overview within the boat are the consequence. The XL lure foldable bucket offers enough space for up to 24 XL lures of 30cm. The extra strong EVA material sustains strains of up to 1.8kg without folding. After fishing, the bucket can be folded easily for a space-saving transportation. The Prorex XL lure foldable bucket was awarded with the 1. Place within the category "bags and tackle" at the EFFTEX 2018 for the season 2018/2019.
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