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You are cooking and making tea with your kettle, while Fishing for you and your friends has become part of life as a carp fisherman. So you light your stove to make your tea or coffee and relax or chill with your carp fishing friends.

In the morning, you cook a fantastic fryup with Bacon, Sausage, and not least beans; life could not be better in the open air. Then, start cooking again for dinner and use all your fishing cookware. For many anglers, cooking on the bank is now part of the fun; it is good for you as you no longer eat out of a packet. You are what you eat, which does not matter even when out angling.

Carp Anglers use an array of cooking apparatus fishing, from gas canisters for their carp stoves to pans and kettle sets. If you are looking, below is a detailed look at each item of cooking apparatus now used by anglers while carp fishing on the bank.

Fishing Stove:

A stove is a critical item of apparatus in today's fishing. Without a fishing cooker, you cannot heat water using your fishing kettle or cook lunch or evening dinner while on the bank.

Gas fishing stoves are still used today in fishing because gas canisters are cheap to buy and allow you to fish anywhere. Therefore, fishing stoves often include a gas canister contained in the stove. Most cookers in today's fishing are smaller models with an external cable connected to a gas canister. In addition, companies often design stoves with a more extensive heated tube to aid gas flow.

The fishing cookers base is wireframed for easy storage and transportation as they pack away, though due to their design and lower centre of gravity, the base is more than stable while fishing, even if placed on the grass.

With fishing cookers, you have a wide choice of brands on the market from Fox, Ridge Monkey, and Trakker, so get searching on this website. We have all the latest information on anything fishing related.

Fishing BBQ

Over the last few years, many more anglers have like a charcoal BBQ on the fishing bank. So manufacturers have been quick to bring out fishing BBQs. The leading brand Trakker Armolife BBQ used on the fishing bank is small and perfect for angling.

Fishing Stove Windshields & Accessories:

When fishing the most popular stove accessories outdoors, the windshield acts as a windbreak on the bank; the logic is to remove the wind off the flame, aiding in heating your carp kettle or fishing pan.

Most gas canisters are placed in a fishing pouch; these neoprene sleeves have been made carpy green to fit in with the rest of your fishing tackle.

Fishing Kettles:

Making a bew on the bank with your fishing kettle is the norm in fishing today; the days of anglers just taking a flask has changed. Water can now be boiled in minutes on the fishing bank to clean your dishes with hot water or make your next cup of tea or coffee. The hardest part is selecting the best fishing kettle?

Circular fishing kettles are the most popular in carp fishing, and others are square; the first one to do this was Ridge Monkey, though it is better to match your kettle shape to the form of your stove. For example, most Fox kettles are circular; on the other hand, RidgeMonkey kettles are square, and ideally, you need a RidgeMonkey's Quad stove if using their kettle.

Fishing Pots and Pans

Carp anglers today love cooking on the fishing bank; with cooking apparatus developing for carp fishing, pots and pans, in most cases, have detachable handles to reduce pack-down size when going home after fishing.

Pans used in fishing are made from aluminium to reduce weight, with non-stick frying pans ideal for use on the bank. Brands like Trakker Armolife Marble Cookset are considered perfect by carp anglers due to their robust construction.

RidgeMonkey has revolutionised carp fishing pots and pans; there are both compact and multi-functional cook systems while fishing over the last few years. Ridgemonkeys concept looks like a sandwich toaster cooked over a gas hob. Models include RidgeMonkey Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster XL, Connect Combi and Steamer inserts available, giving you total versatility while cooking on the fishing bank.

Carp Fishing Mugs & Flasks

Over the last few years, Carp Mugs have become fashionable with carp anglers with branded mugs and flasks from the leading fishing brands.