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Deeper Winter Smartphone Case

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Preserve your phone's battery, and keep it protected and always accessible, with the Deeper Winter Smartphone Case for Ice Fishing. It's the ideal ice fishing gear for smart ice anglers . Checking maps on your smartphone to find the best spot? Syncing with a wireless flasher like Deeper? However we use them, our smartphones are now essential gear when we're ice fishing. And we all know how quickly our phone's battery drains in low temperatures. Well not any more. This light, easy-to-use smartphone case preserves your phone's battery by fully insulating it. Exposure to cold temperatures will make your phone's battery drain faster. By insulating your phone from the cold, the Deeper Winter Smartphone Case preserves the battery so you can use it for longer when you're ice fishing. Test conditions: average temperature -18.5°C / -1.3°F; smartphone iPhone 6S. Without case - phone usage 21 m Need added power for your phone? This handy piece of ice fishing kit can also hold a portable power bank. Now you can charge your phone easily while you're still using it, saving time while you're out on the ice. It's not just the cold your phone will be protected from - the Deeper Winter Smartphone Case is also fully splash proof. Now there's no need to worry about water damage to your phone as you reel in your catch. The case is also fitted with emergency buoyancy, which will provide some floating if your phone falls in the water. Please note: Do not test floating - for emergencies only. This product is not designed to be used in water. The amount of buoyancy given will depend on weight of phone / power bank inside the case The touchscreen is fully responsive, so when your phone is inside the case you can still easily use the screen. The case comes in 2 sizes, standard and XL, so you can find just the right fit for your phone size. Plus, it has a built in sun shield to ensure maximum visibility in bright conditions.
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