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Delkim D-Lok Complete (Shoe and Foot)

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Product Attributes

  • The product is not compatible with TXI
  • If you have a V2 Model, Click here
  • The revised battery closure has been engineered to hold up uprights
  • Designed to fit only Txi-D and Ev-D
  • Struts made from Carbon Fibre
  • Allows perfect alignment on rod pods or bank stick setups
  • Quick to assemble and takedown
The Delkim D-Lok is a revolutionary patented dedicated quick release system that fits any Delkim bite alarm and allows instant attachment to any rod pod, bar or bank stick, without unscrewing. The D-Lok is the perfect answer to the age old problem of bite alarm alignment and quick attachment/removal. The Delkim D-Lok is supplied as a complete set comprising of one shoe and foot. The D-Lok feet can be purchased separately as a set of three for users with multiple rod pods, bars or bank sticks.
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