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Delkim Ev-D Alarm + Free Battery

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Delkim Ev-D Alarm

Product Overview: The Delkim Ev-D Alarm is an entry-level, non-radio digital bite alarm, ideal for anglers seeking reliable bite indication without compromising on quality. This alarm includes a free 9V battery, making it a cost-effective solution for all your fishing needs.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Vibration Sensing Technology:

    • Unique Sensing: Utilizes Delkim’s patented vibration sensing technology for precise bite detection.
    • Digital Signal Processing: Features patented Digital Signal Processing for accurate and reliable performance.
  2. High-Quality Construction:

    • Durable Design: Built to the same exacting standards as the flagship Txi-D model.
    • Weatherproof: Provides advanced weather protection, ensuring reliable operation in various conditions.
  3. User-Friendly Interface:

    • Simple to Use: Easy to operate with intuitive controls suitable for both novice and experienced anglers.
    • Mute Function: Includes a mute function for silent operation when needed.
  4. Customizable Settings:

    • 16 Digital Tone Settings: Allows for customization of tone to match your preferences.
    • Day/Night LED Modes: Adjustable LED brightness settings for optimal visibility during day and night.
  5. Compatibility:

    • Visual Indication Systems: Compatible with all Delkim visual indication systems.
    • Stealth Mode: Features a nightlight socket and LED stealth mode for discreet night fishing.
  6. Cost-Effective Solution:

    • Affordable: Priced competitively, offering great value for the advanced technology and reliable performance.
**FREE 9V BATTERY** Manufactured to the same exacting standards as the flagship Txi-D, with no compromise on quality whatsoever, the Ev-D is very simple to use and includes several exciting features, alongside Delkim's unique tried and tested vibration sensing technology and patented Digital Signal Processing. It has a Mute function, Day or Night LED modes, 16 Digital tone settings and a high quality moulded protective hard case. Available in all six Delkim signature LED colours, the Ev-D is compatible with all of Delkim's Visual Indication systems, as well as the Safe-D v.2 and D-Lok v.2 . In addition, to its standard 2 year warranty, Delkim will also be offering an optional 3 rd year on these new products - with the customer gaining an extra year's warranty through product registration. "With over 40 years of bite alarm experience we see this as a vital addition to our new range. We have simplified the functions and features a little to enable us to target a different part of the market, but we have not lost sight of the fact that bite indication is the key," said Del Romang, Chairman and Managing Director. "Digital signal processing, advanced robotic weather proofing and smaller precision mouldings are just some of the improvements that have gone into this alarm," he added.
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