Delkim RX D Receiver + FREE Battery

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Product Attributes

  • Digital Receiver
  • Quick Pairing
  • Range Control
  • RunLite Mode
  • Enhanced Security
  • Not disturb option
  • Events recall log
  • Power saving options
  • Lanyard feature
  • Hard Case

Delkim Rx-D receiver has been updated with a host of new features, and the key feature allows the receiver to include a Not Disturb option. In fishing, you can sometimes wish to stop your receiver from working, which could be because of strong winds and very high sensitivity controls. The other thing is when you want a good night's sleep. The DND mode, after 4 seconds, is activated and will only trigger for a full-blown take. The first level is 15 minutes DND and can be increased based on fishing conditions.

Other options include a Run Light feature that automatically puts all 7 LEDs on your receiver to illuminate your bivvy. It gives you enough light to run to your rod setup if you get a take.

The Delkim Rx-D receiver on a range test has a range of 750m and works through trees and bushes. In fishing, lake areas are often covered in trees, and a receiver needs to be able to work at extreme distances.

Power save modes found in your receiver can improve battery life. One short-range option is where the receiver works close to 50 metres, improving battery consumption. This is perfect when you are fishing close to your rods.

The boost option allows you to increase the range when supporting another angler that takes you a long distance from your rods. Option increases range from 15/20% for the time of 15 minutes. In addition, Delkim Receiver TXI-D includes a security feature that works on IMU movement that alerts you of people coming near your alarms or who wishes to cut your lines.

Accessory options include hard cases for alarms and receivers, receiver lanyards, and a belt clip

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