Delkim Safe D Carbon Snag Ears V2

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  • Holder allows uprights to be in situ or taken out
  • The revised battery closure has been engineered to hold up uprights
  • Designed to fit only Txi-D and Ev-D
  • Struts made from Carbon Fibre

Delkim Safe-D V2 Carbon Snag Bars have become a must-have product for all Delkim alarm users across the United Kingdom and Europe. With the introduction of the DelkimTxi-D and Delkim Rx-D, new models have been designed for snag bars as standard. These are manufactured from Carbon and attached by a moulded plate built into the battery compartment cover holding them in situ. With the modular design, bars can be removed or left in place based on the angler's requirements. The other advantage of the invention is that Delkim hard cases can still be used on the device.

The Delkim Safe-D V2 Carbon Snag Bars are ideal as they can be left on the devices and set up quickly on a rod pod or left on when an angler is packing up its swim. The finishing touches are stainless caps complimenting the design, though not affecting its tensile strength.

Installation of the snag bars involves replacing the battery compartment door with a new version fitted with the bars that complete the device's new look.

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