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Drennan Acolyte Pro Commercial Pole 16m

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It has been designed from the ground up to handle modern venues and techniques, from catching carp and F1s on commercial fisheries to silverfish on canals and rivers. Five times World Champion Alan Scotthorne has been heavily involved in field-testing and perfecting the Pro for well over 12 months. We believe we have created the optimum pole in terms of performance, strength and reliability. It's a very worthy successor to the original Acolyte pole! The Acolyte Pro applies advancements in carbon technology for even greater strength and rigidity. There is hardly any difference in overall weight to its predecessor but, in Alan's own words, "It carries itself even better at full length." It is not a cosmetic update, it features new materials throughout and an updated mandrel for sections five to 11. This means original Acolyte owners can still use their existing top 2, top 3 and top 4 kits with the Acolyte Pro. We have gone fractionally wider in butt diameter - less than a millimetre - but this increase makes all the difference with tip end recovery. A butt diameter of approximately 47mm at 16 metres ensures it is still slimmer than most flagship poles on the market, making it an absolute joy to fish with. Importantly, the Acolyte Pro is a true-length 16m pole, so you get exactly what you have paid for. As you would expect with Drennan, the package is extremely comprehensive and can also be tailored to an individual's own requirements. Top Kit Choices The wide bore, two-piece top kits are 2.89m long and ready to accept the 3.5mm external diameter Super Slick PTFE bushes supplied, which are ideal for light to medium pole elastic. Larger 4.5mm and 5.4mm external diameter PTFEs are also included should you wish to use thicker elastic. Our lightest kits are called A Kits and these are specially designed for silverfish and light elastic. Carp Plus Kits are much stronger and designed to handle 16-18 Carp Bungee or equivalent and stronger elastic if used sensibly. Double 2 Carp Kits are the same length as a Carp Plus Kit, but feature an additional joint in the No2 section. This feature allows you to elasticate the top one and a half sections. This gives you a shorter elasticated top kit without any loss in fishable pole length. This style of top kit has a multitude of uses but has proved particularly popular for F1-dominated venues. Ghost Carp Kits and Ghost Double 2 Kits are also available, which both feature a special light grey tip section. This has been designed for wary fish that could potentially be spooked by a pole tip waving over their heads. Carp Plus Kits, Ghost Carp Kits, Double 2 Kits and Ghost Double 2 Kits also all feature Side Pull Slots and come with optional Roller Cones for optimum elastic performance. Mini Extensions Reversible Mini Extensions fit every section from the No5 right up to the 16.0 butt section. The 62cm reversible mini extension fits the No5 and No6 sections. The larger 72cm mini extension fits the No7, 13.0, 14.5 and 16.0 sections. 16m Commercial Package 6 Carp Plus Kits 2 Ghost Carp Kits 4 Double 2 Kits Cupping Top 2 (2.89m) 2 Mini Extensions Spare No3 16m Base Pole: Section No3 to 16.0 inclusive Supplied Extras 5 Skid Bungs 250ml Polemaster Pole Pot Roller Cones Side Pull Beads Super Slick PTFE bushes Spare Cupping Kit Adaptor EVA Nose Cones Visi-Case Protective Tubes Deluxe Drennan Holdall Average Weights and Lengths 13.0 weighs 835g; Fishable length 12.6m (uncut) 14.5 weighs 1,125g; Fishable length 14.3m (uncut) 16.0 weighs 1,430g; Fishable length 16m (uncut) Tip section: 1.45m Top two kit: 2.89m Top three kit: 4.47m Top four kit: 6.05m *All measurements are based on averages Acolyte Top Kits A Kit - For light to medium elastic. No Side Pull Slot. Carp Plus Kit - For medium to heavy elastic. Pre-fitted Side Pull Slot. Ghost Carp Kit - For medium to heavy elastic. Pre-fitted Side Pull Slot. Light grey Ghost Tip. Double 2 Kit - For medium to heavy elastic. Extra joint in the No2 section. Pre-fitted Side Pull Slot. Ghost Double 2 Kit - For medium to heavy elastic. Extra joint in the No2 section. Pre-fitted Side Pull Slot. Light grey Ghost Tip. **All top kits are approximately 2.89m
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