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Drennan Hook Book 6 (15cm)

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Drennan Hook Book 6 (15cm)

Key Features and Technical Specifications

Key Features:

  • High Capacity: Holds up to 30 Drennan Pole Hooks to Nylon plates, equating to 240 individual hook lengths.
  • Convenient Storage: Compact and organized way to store a comprehensive range of hooks.
  • Durable Construction: Designed for long-lasting use and easy transportation.
  • Protective Design: Keeps hooks securely in place, preventing tangles and damage.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Durable plastic with secure fastenings.
  • Dimensions: 15cm (6 inches) length.
The 6" (15cm) Drennan Hook Book is the most convenient way to store the comprehensive range of Drennan Pole Hooks to Nylon. The Book can hold up to 30 Drennan Pole Hooks to Nylon plates which equates to 240 individual hook lengths.
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