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Drennan Keepnet River 3m

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Product Attributes

  • Specifically made for river fishing
  • Ideal for fast-moving rivers
  • Fitted with weighted rings down the entire length
  • Larger meshing aids in water-flow
  • The top ring is oversized
  • Adjustable to alter positions
  • Multi-angle screw thread

Drennan Keepnet River 3M, is made up of 5 rings. The micromesh netting has three sections in an ultra fish-friendly to suit carp. The top sections are hook minimise hook damage, and an adjustable tilt mechanism has been fitted to the model.

The River 3M is ideally suited to rivers, though it has been adjusted to suitcarp waters and tested and approved in both venues. The dimensions are 50 cm x 40 cm and 3 metres, perfect for your requirements.

Anglers who fish with the Drennan Keepnet River 3M can trust the net in all fishing situations from its weighted rings, bank stick points and larger top ring to aid in fish safety.


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