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Drennan Super Specialist Compact Twistlock Handle

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  • Product Attributes
  • Produced from Hi-index carbon
  • Engineered fittings
  • Handle extends from 115 cm to 2 metres
  • Drennan Specialist Twistlock Handle can either be a short handle or extended from 115cm to 2 metres. It does not use a brilliant twist-lock mechanism and allows you to adjust length to your exact length.


    • The specialist is produced from hi-index carbon with brass precision components. The locking landing net is suited both for roving and specialist anglers, as netting allows anglers to scoop quicker, and water flows through the net.


    Drennan has updated the Twistlock to include new versions of the specialist compact with the same features loved by anglers.


    Drennan Specialist Twistlock Handle 32-Inch (81cm)

    Drennan Specialist Twistlock Handle 36-Inch (91cm)
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