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Dynamite Baits 5KG Freezer Tiger Nut Red Amo

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n early 2013 we received a new fruit based feed inducing palatant that upon testing produced a reaction so strong we were almost lost for words. Test batches of bait were rolled using this unique fruit palatant, but as soon as we tried it on our incredible Monster Tiger Nut recipe we knew we had a match made in heaven! It smelt epic!... Creating the most amazing sweet, creamy, nutty and fruity aroma you could imagine. The finished bait was rolled in a tricky ‘washed-out' Pink colour and sent out to our team of consultants. We had a feeling this bait was rather special and were correct in our assumptions, it caught instantly, in the form of landing some of the UK's hardest fish in double quick time, such as the Chertsey mirror at 55lb+ and the lakes largest Common at 45lb both within a week and both landed in December too!
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