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Dynamite Baits 5KG Shelf Life The Crave

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The comprehensive year round food source with instant attraction. After extensive development and testing, The Crave offers what is without doubt the ultimate in boilie Nutrition, Attraction, Palatability and Digestibility. The base mix is made using the finest and freshest pre-digested fishmeals available, in conjunction with Haith's® world famous Robin Red® and Birdfood blends. This is then mixed with fresh egg, a very special concentrated shrimp paste (exclusive to Dynamite Baits), winterised salmon oil and the finest liquid liver available. These ingredients, carefully blended with two of Terry's secret attractors result in a boilie that instantly stimulates and promotes a sustained feeding response. Confidence in ‘The Crave' can be assured. Ingredients: Tuna Meal, Sardine and Anchovy Meal, Haiths Robin Red®, Haiths Nectar Blend®, Red Factor, Concentrated Shrimp Paste, Winterised Salmon Oil, Liquid Liver Details: Brand: Dynamite Baits Flavour: The Crave Diameter: 15/20mm Content: 5kg
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