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Dynamite Baits Robin Red Boilies 1.8kg 15mm

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A true all year round boilie that appears to have addictive properties when the fish get on them. Now one of the most popular baits in Europe, Robin Red is at home on big carp waters just as much as it is on rivers and canals. The range includes different sized pellets, an Evolution Oil as well as stick mixes, liquid glugs and groundbaits. Please browse our other carp and match and coarse products to see the full range. We are proud to be officially licensed by Haith's® and only ever use the original Haith's® Robin Red ® in all our baits Also an excellent bait for barbel and chub. Firm texture Made with Haiths® Robin Red Birdfood and fishmeal based mix Available in 1kg, 1.8kg bags
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