Fishing Pole Accessories

Fishing Pole Accessories, Fishing Pole Kits, Fishing Pole with Elastic

On, we have spent much time studying all the various accessories anglers need for pole fishing, from elastics to top kits. First, of course, from popular companies like Matrix, Preston and Maver, all the critical pole gear, such as feed cups, PTFE bushes, base bungs, rig winders and connectors.

Pole fishing has evolved a wide range of accessories. Serious pole anglers use several top kits and are ready to tackle for each session. These might include light, medium and strong set-ups and shallow and deep rigs. It’s normal practice to work through several sets of tackle in a session to find the best format for catching the most fish. Pole anglers carry lots of made-up tackles or rigs. Some might be purchased off-the-shelf from a tackle shop, while others carefully constructed at home. We sell all the bits and pieces you need to do this, along with different types of pole elastic, threaders, bungs and connectors. A good trick with pole rigs is to find the best and most popular tackle formats with ready-made versions and then construct your unique set-ups.