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Fox Halo 6000mAh Multi Light Charger

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Product Attributes


  • Multi-use LED light 
  • Alternative light photography and charge for smartphones
  • 6000mah lithium battery can be recharged by USB
  • Includes recharging solar panel (150mAh/h)
  • Four Illumination options – 15 lumens, 100 lumens, 250 lumens and 500 lumens 
  • Expected usage time: 4.5-hours on maximum setting
  • Built-in stand with magnet options
  • Bankstick adaptor
  • Battery level indicator 
  • On/off switch 
  • Includes USB charger cable 
  • Sizes: 128mm x 85mm x 33mm
  • Total Weight: 320grams

Fox Halo 6000Mah Multi Light features a power bank to charge your smartphone and other devices,thanks to itslithium battery and 150mAh/h solar panel.

To illuminate your shelter, you have choices of 15 lumens, 100 lumens, 250 lumens or 500 lumens. The 4.5 hours of battery life is based on using the device for maximum power.For shorter sessions, this makes it the ideal bivvy light.

The Fox Halo Multi Light has a simple on/off switch and weighs only 320g.

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