Fox Mini Micron X

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Product Attributes

  • An old-time concept alarm from the past that has been redesigned, bringing Micron Mini up to date
  • Increased functionality, including receiver
  • The model has a button that controls volume with 7 options
  • Includes tone adjustment with 4 settings
  • Allows Sensitivity button with 4 adjustment settings
  • Drop back option
  • Can be integrated with Mini Micron X Receiver
  • Includes two 5mm High Visual Multicoloured L.E.D.s and four colour options, including blue
  • Includes L.E.D. brightness adjustment
  • The L.E.D.s can be altered by pushing the volume and pushing down the tone button
  • Operates using a Roller wheel magnetic technologies
  • Includes a 2.5mm socket for a power-out socket that allows you illuminated hangers or swingers
  • Built-in low battery sign
  • E.D.s flash every 2 seconds if batteries power is low
  • Brilliant speaker sound
  • Rubber inserts protect the rod from fierce bites
  • Includes built-in toggle On-off switch
  • Has knurled locking nut
  • LR1 batteries N-Type requited for alarm
  • Threads 3/8 BSF will fit most bank wear

Fox Mini Micron X Set brings back memories from the past with this updated alarm. New options include a receiver option and two 5mm L.E.D.s giving 4 led colours from the Blue, Red, and Orange select button option.


The alarm has a crisp sound that you would expect with 7 levels of volume with drop back warning. Within the alarm, you have a roller-wheel detection system. An option of an integrated receiver which is easily configurable to your bite alarms.


Additional features on the latest generation are a toggle on/off switch and a 2.5mm power out socket so you can link to illuminated hangers and swingers.


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