Solar Tackle P1 Compact Worldwide Pod

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Product Attributes

  • It comes with 2 up-rights, one longer and one shorter
  • Produce in the United Kingdom
  • Machined from stainless steel
  • Special leg adjust system
  • Creates a low-profile
  • Includes goalpost setup
  • 40cm main bar at minimum length
  • Suited to various terrains
  • It cannot be used with 2-rod buzz bars
  • Includes carrying case
  • Includes ID tag limited edition
  • (Buzzer Bars need to be Bought Separately)

Solar P1 Compact Worldwide Pod has a shorter 40cm main shaft,is supplied with four 6-inch legs, plus one longer up-right and one shorter option.

Solar’s 5 indexed collars are used throughout the P1 range, alongside great looking carbon fixtures. With high-end engineering, this next-generation pod is extremely popular with carp enthusiasts, who love P1 products for their engineering prowess.

The P1 pod legs are adjustable, including the main shaft, which can be reduced to a very short length - when required. In addition, the goalpost up-rights create an extremely sturdy frame.

The P1 is perfect for anglers in the United Kingdom and Europe because it can be customised to match any terrain and allows all angling styles. Furthermore, with the pod packed into its carrying case, it’s easy to transport.

It hasfour 6-inch legs and a 40cm central shaft, all in a padded carrying bag.

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