Solar Tackle P1 Global Conversion Kit

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Our Global Conversion Kit is designed to fit our P1 Worldwide Pod (and it's also compatible with the original Wordwide Pods), allowing you to convert the pod into the ultimate, big-water or big-river pod. Allowing you to get the rod tips up in the air, the 18" adjustable legs fit straight ontp the front of the front of the pod. For further elevation the 18" extensions allow you to increase the length of the front legs still further, allowing you to get the rods almost vertical. The legs also double up as perfect, durable storm poles or long banksticks. The Global Conversion kit also comes complete with a long, adjustable main bar (42" to 76") and both the legs and main bar feature incorporate our new ‘5 Spoke, Diamond Grip Adjustment' collars. Sold in a water resistant, segmented sleeve, as with all of the P1 items everything is made in UK from the highest quality stainless components and will last a lifetime. Each Global Conversion Kit includes 2 x adjustable 18" legs 2 x 18" extension 1 x adjustable long main bar 42" to 76" ?Made in England, as always Precision engineered and CAD designed Made from the highest quality stainless steel components
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