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Sticky Baits Peach and Pepper Pop-Ups

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These bright orange hookbaits feature a genuine old-school classic combination of Peach Melba and 100% pure black pepper essential oil. Open the tub and you will be greeted by a lovely, warm, fruity smell with a peppery undertone that simply screams big-carp catcher. This particular combination has a great track record during all twelve months of the year. The mega-buoyant, needle friendly pop-ups will stay popped up for several days. The 12mm's are great for zigs and snowman presentations, whereas the 16mm's are ideal for the ultra-popular chod rig. Peach and Pepper Hookbaits really have a knack of singling out the bigger fish and barely a month goes by where they haven't lead to the downfall of some of the countries most sought after residents. Available in 12mm and 16mm in 100g tubs.
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