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Trakker 5Ltr Icon Water Carrier

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Trakker 5Ltr Icon Water Carrier

Product Attributes

  • Ergonomic shape with extra wide spout
  • Easy hold carrying handle
  • 5-litre water capacity
  • Robust design
  • Free form - BPA

Trakker 5Ltr Icon Water Carrier is ideal for anglers fishing both in winter and summer, allowing easy access to water for drinking and cleaning when out angling.

The product is made from plastic free from BPA, and due to its heavy-duty construction and design, it allows easy carrying on the bank. In addition, the model will enable it to be filled easily and allows water to be poured with minimal water loss.

The product carries Trakker branding and is olive, ideal for anglers. In this day and age, there is no reason to be without water on the fishing bank.

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