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Fishing Bait

Float, feeder, pole and carp fishing has become more of a science, with anglers continuing to develop new methods involving many types of baits in the quest to catch fish. Boilies have become popular beyond carp fishing, for more general usage, alongside maggots, casters, worms, particles and a wide range of groundbait recipes. It pays to experiment with an array of baits when targeting various species. Bigger fish like carp, barbel and chub will readily eat boilies and pellets, while smaller species like roach, dace, perch and skimmers love smaller offerings like maggots, casters and worms.


Buoyant boilies have become prime hook bait for many big fish anglers. These hook baits are made to float by drying processes or drilling and adding cork inside. Pop-up baits work so well because they hover enticingly over a bed of freebies, also keeping clear of soft silt and weed. This makes them easier for fish to spot and home in on. Many pop-up baits are made in high viz colours to enhance visual effect.


Bottles of concentrated liquid flavourings come in many forms, ranging from sweet aromas to pungent fishy mixes. Sweet baits often contain milk protein and are mostly used in winter, when fish are less active and need to be coaxed into feeding. Fishmeal and pellet-based liquids work better through the warmer spring, summer and autumn months when all species are more active and can easily digest fish-based products.


Groundbait typically fits into two categories: fishmeal based or sweet. Fishmeal and pellet based mixed were primarily designed for carp, but gradually they have become popular for bream, barbel and chub. Sweet mixes have no fishmeal and are aimed at wild waters and species, and the fish rarely see baits like boilies and pellets.

Groundbait is available in many colours, flavours and consistencies. Some recipes are crafted to catch specific species, some for certain techniques and selected for particular types of venues. You can buy soft cloudy mixes or heavy binding ones. It’s also possible to mix different styles to achieve the ideal mix and colour you desire, customising your unique concoctions.


A wide range of particles fit the bill for catching carp, barbel and bream. These include sweetcorn, tiger nuts and hempseed as some of the best at attracting fish. Specialist anglers often spod in particle mixes, adding them to groundbait and favours to make everything even more potent.


Pellets are perfect for many types of fish and can be purchased in various sizes, flavours and colours. The dimensions can be as low as 1mm in micro sizes, breaking down fast in the water and acting almost like groundbait. During manufacturing, favours are often infused into pellets to make them more attractive and effective. This uniform bait catapults and groups neatly in larger 4mm, 6mm and 8mm sizes, although pole anglers often cup them in for inch-perfect feeding. Pre-drilled hard pellets are popular for hair-rigging, while soft versions can be used directly on the hook.


We can supply liquid flavourings that hit the mark at different times of the year to keep fish constantly interested in what you feed and use on the hook. Slow flavour leakage works well in cold water when the fish don’t require much feed. Liquid can be mixed into lots of different bait mixes; this includes on neat baits, in groundbaits and to glug big hook offerings like boilies, pellets and artificials.