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Carp Fishing was created in 1995 and has witnessed a massive explosion in carp fishing popularity; there have been massive revolutions in almost every aspect of angling.

Fishing has changed over the years; Carp have dramatically gone from mystical creatures considered uncatchable to multiple catches and fish of unimaginable size. From angling with a single hook and line to using three carp rods with sophisticated rigs and super-advanced bite indicators. Carp shelters, seats, bed chairs and sleep systems have also taken a major step forward, providing anglers with a far more comfortable experience, fishing all year round, whether fishing for just a day or over a whole weekend and multiple nights.

Carp fishing has moved forward. As a category, The pursuit of Carp is now popular worldwide, from Europe to Asia, with emerging scenes in America and Australia. In countries like the UK and France, Carp are highly prized by anglers and are caught on a catch-and-release basis, whereas in other far-off parts of the globe, this species is only just beginning to gain the respect it deserves. Carp are undoubtedly becoming a sort-after sport fish from anglers carp fishing in France and


Fishing has changed from angling with a single hook and line to using three carp rods with sophisticated rigs and super-advanced bite indicators. Carp bivvies, shelters, seats and bed chairs have also taken a major step forward, providing anglers with a more comfortable experience, whether fishing for a day or over a whole weekend.

Carp Rods

Leading carp tackle companies have grown quickly from small beginnings in the United Kingdom. Brands such as Wolf, Fox, Nash and Korda have developed from modest beginnings and have come from nowhere to now rival long-established rival brands such as Shimano and Daiwa.

The development of rods within carp fishing has changed how anglers fish over the last decade, shifting heavily towards a new trend of using shorter 6ft or even 10ft carp rods - instead of more standard 12ft or 13ft designs. Shorter rods are easier to store and more practical for stalking Carp on lakes and rivers. They also fold into smaller lengths, making transporting and storing them between sessions easier. However, the new breed of rods remains strong on test curves, actions or performance.

Nash Tackle led the way with 10ft rods, quickly followed by Wolf, Fox, Shimano and Daiwa, creating an interesting new step forward in carp fishing tackle. This has given anglers better choices, with many now fishing with short and long 10ft and 12ft fishing rods, diversifying their fishing styles depending on the type of carp waters they feel.

Longer rods still have their place, and rod and reel technology developments mean anglers can present bait and even deliver free offerings at the extreme, never-be-imagined ranges.

Whatever the type of rod you need, there will be something in our Tackle Shop to suit your needs and be something to find with us, suited to the style of Carp angling you choose to follow.

Carp Baits & Additives

Specialist baits like boilies and additives help to stimulate Carp into feeding. You can buy great quality boilies, ready-made from companies like Mainline, Nash, Sticky Baits, and other manufacturers. This removes the time-consuming chore of making bait at home. However, many anglers still like to increase the effectiveness of their ready-made by adding extra flavourings and glugs to them.

Carp Care

Carp Care has become a vital, increasingly important part of fishing. Anglers now use unhooking mats and carp cradles standard, and every aspect of fish handling, from when it is netted to when it is returned to the water, is catered for with a range of products. By second nature, firstly, for laying fish on while carefully extracting the hook, and secondly, to take pictures over before returning the fish safely.

Specialist carp care products have evolved, enabling anglers to treat wounds or damage and ensure fish are such as medical kits to apply to fish after removing the hook. Carp Care Kits include antiseptic creams and liquids to apply to the fish's mouth or any other area with signs of a wound. After treatment, the catch is carefully placed back into the water to recover and be caught another time.

Carp Bite Alarms

From the early days of carp fishing, it was customary to have a simple bobbin clipped on the line to signal any fish activity. However, sophisticated electronic audio bite alarms were created by Fox, Wolf and Delkim back in the 1990s. They sold in their millions and are still incredibly popular today, with even more technological advancements happening all the time.

Bivvies, Bed Chairs, Brollies, Sleeping Bags

Carp anglers now have a great choice of bed chairs and seats for their fishing. The type required is based on the length of their sessions. In addition, all chair and seat designs can be complemented with bivvies, brollies, shelters and sleep systems bags. All this adds to better comfort on the bank, making it more feasible for carp anglers to do much longer stints by the water and fish in comfort all year round.

Such a fantastic choice of tackle is available, allowing you to customise your fishing experience and, at the same time, maximise comfort when fishing on the bank, even when fishing overnight.

Barrows and Porters

Carp-carrying equipment has become a big topic over the last 20 years, with anglers in this category taking more and more gear with them. Carp wheelbarrows, carp barrows, and carp porters have been created in different shapes and sizes to allow anglers to take all their gear in one trip to their swim. As a result, a barrow or porter has become an essential part of every carp angler's fishing kit.

Carp Fishing Near Me

Carp lakes and fisheries dedicated to targeting the carp angler have developed massively across the UK and Europe. It's easy to find waters where you can pay to fish for the day, buy a ticket for the season or even lake-exclusive ticket venues for those who want to go carp fishing exclusively. For those anglers able to travel further afield, this also applies to countries like France, Germany and Holland, giving you a chance to allow you to catch your dream fish.

Many anglers will find obvious places to find carp fishing near them using Google and the Internet, but has one of the longest-serving, dedicated fishing forums. So you can ask questions about local carp fisheries, we do our best to give you the information you need on So much help is available to carp anglers and coarse fishermen on this website.

Best Times To Go Carp Fishing


The carp fishing season starts across Europe in April. Spring is when the weather improves, and water temperatures begin to rise. This makes Carp more active and keener to feed, a time when anglers can get excited and prepared to go carp fishing again.


As temperatures increase, Carp become even more active and feed more avidly. The fish are also more visual, often found cruising on the surface and basking in the sun. Diverse ways to fish for Carp can be explored, such as using zig rigs and floating baits. Anglers visit the banks more often at this time of the year. It's a good period to get out there and enjoy nature., perhaps getting a good suntan at the same time!


Carp Fishing in autumn is another prime time to be out on the banks, as the fish build up their food reserves before the colder months of winter draw in. This is the best part of the season to catch that fish of your dreams at its top weight.


Fishing can continue through winter, providing you with the right carp clothing and carp fishing equipment. You can still catch fish but must find a venue with good winter form and carefully find the baits and tactics that continue to work on your local waters at this trickier time of year. Improving your watercraft and learning how Carp change their cold water habits helps you stay successful.

Learning More About Carp Fishing has a forum with over 328,000+ posts covering everything you need to know about carp fishing. You might even find new friends to go fishing with among the 101,000+ members!