Carp Bait, Boilies, Bait For Carp Fishing

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Carp Bait, Boilies, Bait For Carp Fishing

Carp Bait is a crucial part you must use to catch carp. If you do not have the right bait that suits the carp water when angling, you will sit there and not catch - also called "blanking". Therefore, Carp Fisherman needs to research what bait works on their local water by talking to anglers, using Google or our extensive forum on This can make a complete difference between success and failure. has been supplying fishermen for over 20 years, helping anglers work out how to catch fish. At, we have seen the changes in baiting methods to catch carp. New brands such as Mainline Baits, Nash Baits, and Sticky Baits have revolutionized the ready-made Carp Bait market. Then, you open a bag of fishing boilies and can catch the massive carp of your dreams.

Carp Boilies can be purchased with matching carp dips. These can be used on your hook bait to attract fish. Adding flavours to the water right next to your hook bait underwater gives hours of attraction to carp. Bait for Carp Fishing can often be a mixture of Boilies, additives, particles - even mixed hemp and tiger nuts. However, do not feel you have to use boilies from the various UK Carp Bait Companies; thousands of possible carp fishing bait combinations.

On each Carp water you fish, carp have different eating habits. Therefore, your carp bait in fishing and additives must suit your target fish. This diversity proposes mixing and matching your carp bait and test bait combinations to improve your carp fishing catch results.


UK Carp Bait Companies have been dreaming up boilie recipes for carp anglers to land more fish. Carp Bait for fishing has been created with nutrients and attractants to bring carp to your swim and onto your hook bait. Boilies come in two forms in Carp Fishing; shelf-life boilies and freezer boilies.

Freezer boilies are considered the best bait for a serious angler as liquids, attractors and fresh ingredients are trapped in the fishing bait during the freezing process. In addition, the bait is natural without preservatives. The downside of Freezer Boilies is that this causes problems in storage, and they must be used during your fishing trip or freeze quickly. If you do not freeze freezer boilies, the fishing bait will go off and be ineffective. Therefore, it is suggested that anglers keep the boilies on the bank in a cold environment while fishing for optimum effectiveness. This issue with Freezer Boilies has led to the development of thermal lined bait luggage to store your carp bait for fishing, with anglers even using freezer packs to keep their bait fresh. Despite these problems, the potency of the freezer bait has become the "boilies of choice" for hardcore Carp Anglers. They will do nearly anything to keep their bait fresh on the bank.

Preserved Carp Baits from the likes of Nash Tackle and Sticky Baits have become the bait of choice and are known as shelf-life boilies. Bait is easy to store at home and used for multiple trips without the fishing bait going to waste. The ingredients used can hold favours longer in and out of the water and have many advantages in controlling your spending on fish bait. This makes it ideal for novice anglers and experienced anglers. Anglers mix in what works best for Preserved Carp Bait or Frozen Carp Bait. It's personal for you, as an angler, to decide what works best for fishing. This all comes with experience, so it is good to try various baits for carp and expand your knowledge.

In recent years crushing and grinding boilies has become an essential part of fishing bait mixes. To release the flavours, anglers grid the bait to speed up the release of natural ingredients and flavours in the bait when put into water. This helps to encourage carp to feed quicker and improve their chances of catching. Additionally, these free offerings are placed around the hook bait, enticing the carp into the angler's swim to stay and feed. Ultimately, this encourages the carp to stay long enough and make the mistake of eating the hook bait next to these free bait offerings.

The larger the fishing boilie, the bigger the hook bait sizes. Hook baits generally range around 20mm in diameter for big carp. When targeting Big Carp in Carp Waters, the bait size will change based on anglers' experiences that work in their local waters. If you want to catch more carp or other species, use smaller boilies.

Bait for Carp Fishing in Preserved and Frozen forms is available in various flavours and bait mixes. Different baits and flavours work on various carp venues, depending on the time of the year.

The best bait in the summer months often incorporates fish meals that are fast in attracting carp. This is due to water leakage and is a favourite for carp due to having a fishmeal base. Did you know that carp are generally considered omnivores but can be found eating other fish and decaying fish? This is what makes fishmeal attractive to carp and its compacted high natural oils. Baits with high oil content are the best bait to attract carp and hold them in your carp swim, leading to increased fish growth.

During the colder months, a sweeter, milk-protein-based bait is often the bait of choice. The reason is that sweeter flavours dissipate better through more frigid waters, making them more suited to attract attractants in environmental conditions. In addition, sweeter boilies have the advantage of having lower fat content in colder weather, reducing the angler's chances of overfeeding carp in winter. Plus, increasing your chances of catching overfeeding fish means less likely to search for carp hook bait.

Also - imagine you are fishing in Autumn - Winter in a lake surrounded by trees and plantations. Their leaves will fall into the water and create a silty-like bottom, a sour taste to carp. Presenting a sweet bait on top of this would make it extremely attractive to a Carp when carp fishing in winter.

Pre-baiting can increase your chances of Carp Fishing Success. A good pre-baiting programme at your lake can work wonders for Carp catch results. This encourages carp to eat their choice of bait in their chosen swim without the fear of being caught. The other advantage is it promotes the carp as they all want to grow.

Carp Pop-up Baits are designed to include floating material, making them "pop-up" above any weed on the lakebed — making your Pop-up stand out above free bait offerings to draw carp to your swim. Cork is often the material of choice inserted into pop-ups to create different levels of buoyancy.

Pop-up Baits can also work well on a flat lakebed with no weed or snags, as they are much more visually attractive to carp. In addition, carp will use their eyes and natural senses of smell and touch through their barbules to find food. With this all in mind, it makes sense for a bright, nice-smelling pop-up hook bait to be presented on a flat lake bed.

Colour and favour of bait for carp can give Pop-ups the edge in catching more carp. The critical thing is using a wide range of baits and methods to provide you with an advantage in carp fishing.


Wafters are balanced hook baits that are neither wholly buoyant nor completely sinkable. Instead, they are in-between, therefore making them "neutral buoyancy". This is more of an advanced technique for catching carp. Consequently, it can be assumed that you would need a reasonable level of knowledge to incorporate these into your Carp Fishing Session. Rigs such as "The Wafter Rig" are generally used in more natural and un-fished waters, as the fish are wilder and have more "raw" senses, so pick at their Carp Bait instead of engulfing them like on some Carp Fishing Waters. This allows the Carp Fishing Angler to fish with complete precision, so when a Carp sucks a Wafter into its mouth, it has next to no back-pressure, which means it is likely for the carp to get hooked!

Carp Dumbells

Dumbells are hook baits shaped in the form of a dumbell. These can be found in a variety of pop-ups or sinking baits. They work well, as they are a more individual shape, which some Carp are not used to, and offer you a way to "top-off" your hook bait due to their profile.


Fishing Boilies can be purchased in 1kg-10kg bags, with wafters, pop-ups, and dumbbells. These are purchased in smaller pots. Mainline, Sticky Baits and Nash are just a few famous brands on the market.

Carp Particles

Particles are crucial for creating a bed of bait for carp to find and eat. The chunkier elements such as crushed Fishing Boilies and particles encourage carp to feed. Hempseed has come to be the bait of choice for many carp anglers. Carp Hemp with mixed-up free crushed boilie offerings is an incredible combination! It adds flavour and colour to the water to excite in baiting for carp to encourage them to feed. Crushed snails and chunky tiger nuts are often added to particle mixes to textures into the bait. It has been proven that the sound of Carp feeding can also attract other carp to feed. Crushed Snails and Tiger Nuts create a loud noise when carp crushes them in their throat teeth which follow through the water to other fish. Did you know that sound through water can travel up to 3 times as loud?

Carp Pellets

Pellets for carp can be purchased in different variations to go alongside Carp Boilies. The size of the pellets can vary from 3mm to 21mm pellets, and selection is based on the size of carp you wish to catch. Pellet's significant advantage is that they break into the water very quickly, creating flavour and food without detracting from your Carp Boilies as the main focal point.

The high oil content of the Pellet, due to the oil content, is the main benefit of using this bait, as carp love them as a food source.

The big reason anglers like Pellet is that it keeps carp in your swim for hours alongside other baiting options. In addition, the Pellets are so small that the carp have to feed harder to find the smaller baits, which encourages them to work harder.

You can mix a wide range of baits by changing your offerings based on the carp's weather conditions and feeding patterns. Pellets can be found in various flavours and sizes in our online shop.