Solar Tackle P1 Sod Pod With 3 Rod Fixed Buzz Bars

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Product Attributes

  • Buzz bars made with a drop-in insert, removing twist
  • The micro-adjust ratchet gives finite alignment
  • Made in the United Kingdom
  • Supplied with 2 x P1 stainless buzz bars
  • Suited to 2-rod and 3-rod buzz bars
  • Includes a carry case


Solar P1 Sod Pod with 3 Fixed Buzz Bars offers amazing versatility. This classy product has been designed to last forever and is a firm favourite with carper across Europe.


The micro-adjust ratchet system gives finite adjustment. As a result, you can fully customise your pod, length and angle-wise, to suit all your demandingrequirements.


Solar’s drop-in buzz bar feature has been used againto remove side twists and create an incredibly stable pod. It has also been customised with a carbon look to match the P1 range fixtures.This is a precision-engineered design that stands out.

Includes 2 x P1 3-rod buzz bars and a padded carrying case.

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