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Ultimate Guide to Fishing Bivvy Accessories


A well-equipped shelter can significantly enhance the experience in the fishing world. Quality accessories not only add comfort but also improve functionality and efficiency. This comprehensive guide reviews some of the top bivvy accessories from leading brands, helping anglers make informed decisions for their next fishing adventure.

1. Aqua Fast and Light Mozzy Mesh

Price: £54.99 Review: This lightweight mesh is a favourite for its effectiveness against insects, providing clear visibility and ample airflow. It's easy to install and perfect for warm, bug-heavy evenings. Angler Opinion: "Essential for summer fishing. Keeps the mosquitoes out without making me feel boxed in."

2. Fox EOS 2-Man Bivvy

Price: £229.99 Review: Known for its spaciousness and durability, the Fox EOS 2-Man Bivvy is ideal for longer fishing trips. It offers robust weather protection and ample room for two anglers. Angler Opinion: "It's sturdy and spacious, perfect for trips with a friend or extra gear."

3. Trakker USB Bivvy Fan

Price: £27.30 Review: A compact fan designed to improve air circulation within the bivvy. It's particularly effective in reducing condensation and maintaining a comfortable temperature during warmer nights. Angler Opinion: "The USB Bivvy Fan is a game-changer for maintaining a comfortable atmosphere inside the bivvy."

4. Sonik Xtractor Bivvy

Price: £249.99 Review: The Xtractor Bivvy is praised for its quick setup and compact design. Ideal for short fishing sessions, it provides sufficient protection without the bulk. Angler Opinion: "Perfect for quick, solo fishing trips. Easy to set up and surprisingly spacious."

5. Trakker Tempest Brolly System

Price: Approx. £300 Review: This system is a versatile shelter solution offering quick deployment and excellent protection against various weather conditions. Its compact design makes it ideal for mobile anglers. Angler Opinion: "A reliable shelter that's easy to set up. Great for all weather conditions."

6. Aqua Pioneer Bivvy

Price: £599.99 Review: Renowned for its solid construction and weather-resistant materials, the Pioneer Bivvy stands out for its durability and comfort, making it a top choice for dedicated anglers. Angler Opinion: "A premium bivvy that's worth every penny. Durable, comfortable, and reliable."

7. Fox Ultra Bivvy Light

Price: Approx. £40 Review: This versatile light offers adjustable brightness settings, essential for night fishing. It's compact, energy-efficient, and provides ample illumination. Angler Opinion: "The multiple light settings are perfect for different night fishing scenarios."

8. Sonik SK-TEK Sleeping Bag

Price: Approx. £80 Review: Designed for all-weather use, this sleeping bag promises comfort and warmth, ensuring restful nights by the water. Angler Opinion: "Keeps me warm and comfortable in all seasons. Best sleeping bag I've had."

9. Trakker Armo Life Complete Cookware Set

Price: Approx. £60 Review: This complete set brings home cooking convenience to the waterside. It's durable, easy to clean, and includes all the essentials for meal preparation. Angler Opinion: "A comprehensive cookware set that's perfect for preparing meals during fishing trips."

10. Fox CamoLite Low Level Chair

Price: Approx. £70 Review: Combining comfort with practicality, this chair is ideal for anglers who prefer a low seating position. It's lightweight, portable, and durable. Angler Opinion: "Super comfortable and easy to carry. Great for relaxing by the bivvy."


Equipping your bivvy with the right accessories can transform your fishing experience. From protective shelters to comfort-enhancing gear, these products from Aqua, Fox, Trakker, and Sonik offer functionality, reliability, and a touch of luxury. Investing in quality gear improves your fishing sessions and reflects your dedication to the sport. Remember, in fishing, as in life, the right tools can make all the difference.