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As a specialist angler, you now have many choices in setting up long sessions on the bank, from basic umbrellas and day shelters to advanced bivvies for mega sessions.

Bivvy models have an array of designs, from ultra-low-profile designs or higher standing ones for improved head height. In addition, products come in various sizes, including standard 1-man and roomy 2-man versions.

The fishing bivvies Carp.com supplies allow you to stay warm and comfortable, no matter what the weather is doing. Choices of bivvies and shelters from the top manufacturers provide everything you need, whether you prefer day or longer sessions. Some of our more basic shelters have storm sides that can be pegged down, also flat backs for more room and to stop rain from entering. Our fishing umbrellas, day shelters and great choice of bivvies have been created by experienced anglers who know exactly what these important products require.

Many new and interesting bivvy accessories are available from various manufacturers. You no longer need to go without when you are fishing. Useful items include bivvy tables, mats, and even heaters. Other items include sleeping bags, the bedchair buddy and fishing pillows.

Due to the design of angling brollies, and day shelters, you can now be comfortable all year round. Sleeping bags and fishing bedchair systems that live inside have advanced considerably.

The leading manufacturers of longer stay bivvies are Trakker, Solar and Nash. If you are a day angler, Korum shelters are brilliant products to check out.

The team at Carp.com want you to be happy with your fishing umbrellas, day shelters and bivvies. However, selecting what you need from a 1-man bivvy to a 2-man version can be very confusing. If you scroll through all our products, you will discover an A to Z of descriptions, covering all the best day shelters, bivvies on the market.