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Specialist fishing clothing has been created to withstand the rigours of fishing outdoors in many different conditions. But there’s more to it than that because anglers now like to identify with a fishing brand through what they wear. Popular products include waterproof fishing jackets, trousers, hoodies and T-shirts, which are much more fashion conscious these days. Carp.com stocks fishing clothing from all the key brands, alongside caps and hats that protect your eyes and face.

The biggest specialist clothing brands in fishing are Fox, Nash and Korda, in whose ranges specialist anglers can find products suited to their style of fishing. It doesn’t matter if you like catching carp, bream or roach; we have suitable clothes from these suppliers for you to wear on the bank. Our prominent fishing clothing provides you with proper protection from the elements while at the same time being stylish and modern.


Anglers have adopted an essential clothing item: the hoodie, a very popular product for all forms of fishing. These tops keep your upper body and head warm and protected but also look great with many versions branded by favourite fishing tackle manufacturers. The trendiest brands are Fox, Nash and Tracker.  Carp hoodies are mostly green, while match versions are red, blue or black.


Waterproof jackets are essential, especially in showery, wet, cold or windy weather. Angling involves being static for long periods, so clothing like this needs proper insulation to keep you warm and dry in freezing conditions. Our clothing collection sells half-zip and quarter-zip pullovers and full-length zip jackets.


During hot summer days on the bank, cool T-Shirts are a must in specialist and carp fishing. We stock many T-Shirt brands at Carp.com. These tops look the part and are designed to complement other fishing clothing in our collections to create a versatile layered approach. Colours might sometimes be basic, but they still look stylish for fishing and general wear.


Whether it’s raining or sunny, anglers often wear hats or caps to protect their eyes from UV rays and glare. They also protect your head from wind, rain and heat. Most fishing tackle manufacturers produce branded hats and caps for specialists, carp, match and coarse anglers. Branded caps are now a statement, as well as being practical.

Bib 'n' Braces

Anglers often wear bib 'n' braces when the weather turns bad. These waterproof trousers come up to chest height, with shoulder straps. They are normally used to protect normal trousers or jeans underneath, preventing them from getting covered in groundbait and fish slime. Bib and braces combine perfectly with a waterproof fishing jacket.


Specialist fishing trousers, often known as fishing joggers, have been developed for fishermen only recently. They are designed to be breathable and keep you warm. Night anglers usually sleep in joggers and use them throughout their whole fishing trip. Carp.com has combat, cargo and jogger styles available from many leading manufacturers.