Fishing Luggage

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Fishing Luggage

Specialist fishing tackle deserves to be looked after because it can work out expensive to replace. So it makes sense to house valued items in good quality luggage for storage and moving them about. Fishing luggage has never been better, plus there are now luggage systems with multiple modular bags.

Leading luggage manufacturers in this specialist field are Fox, Nash and Avid.

Rod Bags & Holdalls

Specialist rod bags are padded to protect items while being transported, especially important when stacked on barrows and trollies. Velcro straps normally secure tackled-up rods in holdalls, although many anglers still use rod tubes to protect their favourite spare gear when it’s not pre-rigged. Most holdalls feature shoulder straps and carry handles outside to help carry them manually and load them into cars or onto barrows.

Rod holdalls can be purchased in various sizes, suiting multiple lengths and different storage quantities.

Rod Sleeves

Rod sleeves are a slimmed-down version of rod bags with minimum padding and are designed to take single tackled-up rods. Specialist anglers normally like to travel light; this format is enough to protect the rod in transit, allowing it to be quickly assembled at the swim. Rod sleeves will also slot into larger rod holdalls; some are part of modular systems.

Carryalls & Bags

Carryalls and similar bags are ideal for storing many fishing items. These might include several bait boxes, catapults, rig pouches and scales. Many designs have net pockets on one side and end pockets for storing smaller items. Most have shoulder straps for easy carrying and carry handles for loading into cars. Carryalls can be purchased in small, medium, large and jumbo sizes.


Specialist anglers use rucksacks to move big amounts of gear to their swims. This type of luggage leaves hands free to carry other tackle items. Fishing rucksacks can be used to store clothes, cookware, bite alarms, bait and a wide range of other things. Due to larger rucksacks' large capacity, they might need to be transported to swim on barrows or trollies.

Rig Safes and Accessory Cases

These items store rig accessories, helping specialist anglers stay organised while fishing. Floats, rigs, swivels, leads and safety clips are critical items of tackle that need to be protected and stored securely.

Bait and Cool Bags

Basic bait bags are used for transporting groundbait and inert feed, while insulated cool bags are better for keeping live and prepared bait. Some cool bags feature different compartments to segregate bait from food. They’ve been developed to take freezer packs and will keep their contents fresh for long periods.