Specialist Fishing

Specialist fishing refers to anglers becoming experts in their field, whether carp, specimen, match, barbel or just pleasure. Carp.com covers all these angling styles, regardless of your chosen path.

On our website, no matter what your level of fishing, we have specialist rods and specialist reels that suit serious angling - whatever your target species or method of catching them. You can get the best fishing tackle from us to make your sport even more enjoyable and successful. If you search the carp.com forum, we have information on all the best fishing waters near you. There are 328,000+ forum posts covering everything from where to fish and what baits to use, coming from thousands of anglers around the UK and Europe.

If, for instance, your area of interest is barbel fishing, we have barbel rods and barbel rigs…whatever barbel setup you, we can help. We stock Daiwa, Shimano and Korum for the best barbel fishing rods of 2023/4. In addition, some anglers specialise in catching huge bream and tench, viewed as trophy fish in the same way as specimen barbel and carp. We can help in these areas yet again.

Specialist anglers will be used to buying tackle from Korda, Fox, Drennan and Nash. In addition, Daiwa produces some unique feeders and barbel rods. We have products from all these leading tackle manufacturers, alongside top bait companies like Mainline, Sticky Baits and Nash Baits. The latter covers carp and many other big fish baits. In addition, we have bait boats for use by specialist anglers who like fishing at extreme distances. This could be over to an island feature on a local lake or across the sea on trips to France and other Continental countries.

Carp.com stocks fishing rods from all the leading brands to catch any species you like to target. So if you want to specialise with catfish, barbel, carp, predators, tench or bream, we have the tackle to meet your needs. Just check out the dedicated products on our website.

Other specialist items we stock are fishing bedchairs and day chairs from all the key manufacturers. To stop you from getting wet or cold at night, we have 2 man bivvies and 1 man bivvies, fishing bivvies from all the key angling brands. If you are an avid carp angler, we have the fishing tackle to meet your needs, so search; you will find almost everything on carp.com.