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Most lures can catch fish, but when assessing the targeted species, colour, shape, size and running depth must be carefully considered. For example, some lures will be better for perch and zander, while others are superior for pike.

Many lures feature bright colours and a shiny nature, designed to shimmer like real prey fish and attract predators into striking them. Lures need to look this way so they emulate something predators normally eat. The angler must also cast and retrieve in a form that will induce a take. This could be a steady movement, similar to how a fish swims through the water naturally, or by making a lure look like damaged and erratic prey - a trick that often fools predators into striking. You will always need backup spares in your tackle box because certain lures work better in different weather conditions, considering venue types and how predators feed.

The brilliant thing with lures is they do away with the need for live baits, the use of which raises ethical questions with some anglers. Artificial lures are so realistic these days; they look almost identical to the real prey fish. But you need to ascertain the lure you select can be worked at the correct depth, where your target fish are likely to be. We research all the top predator lures on our website, so you can scroll through and see the descriptions of what they can do and are likely to catch. All predators like a good meal, and if they see a lure that looks right, you are in with a chance of enjoying a busy session and maybe landing that special big fish you have been dreaming about.

We stock a big collection of lures, explicitly created for markets in the United Kingdom and Europe. We aim to supply designs to help you catch the species you want to target. Many lures have been created to appeal to certain predators by the way they look and behave. The team here are very aware of this and can point you in the right direction; otherwise, your chances might be reduced with models not up to the task you have in mind. Dedicated lures for set species tend to be more effective and increase your chances of success. They instil more confidence during those days when you need to work hard to gain takes. Nothing is worse than fishing and wondering if something else might work better. But there will be occasions when changing to something different, which swims faster or more erratically through the water, will begin to attract increased interest. You can even change your target predator if one species is more active than another. Predator fishing keeps you constantly active, which is a big attraction for many.

The leading brands in lures are Fox Rage, Simo, Savage Gear and Storm. The number of lures on the market is perhaps a bit daunting, which is why we only supply top-quality designs that give you a fighting chance to catch the predators you are after.

What Makes a Predator Lure Attractive?
The simple answer is a lure needs to look like a predator's favourite prey fish. If it doesn't, it's unlikely any takes will result, no matter how hard you work the tackle.  

The process of making lures has altered significantly. Manufacturers like Silmo manufacture their soft baits so sharp predator teeth cannot damage the rubber easily, increasing the lifespan considerably. In addition, some lures have been designed to take flavours, bringing a massive new change to this style of fishing. 

Both hard and soft lures in our ranges are very popular. All brands try to make their products look as lifelike as possible, swimming and moving in the water at the correct levels where prey fish are likely to be found.

One of the newest lures from Savage is the 4th Dimension, created with a detailed photorealistic skin. These lures have built-in favours and are well worth a decent tryout.

Metal spinning lures are still widely used in predator fishing, rotating attractively as they are retrieved. Various colours attract predators, and some of the best options can be found with Fox Rage spin baits. These are loved by anglers of all ages and allow you to try something that is properly tried and tested.

Over the last few years, a lot of research by fishing tackle brands has gone into making sure lures catch the eye of predators from all angles. So it doesn't matter if the water is murky; lures have been designed to work in all environments.

It helps to keep your lures in tiptop condition, cleaning and drying them after use with a soft towel. In addition, vinegar will remove any signs of rust on hooks or metal lures.

All the lures in our ranges have been designed to increase your chances of catching a wide range of predators if you click on the descriptions on our web pages, details about the intended species and best usage help.