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Fishing Lighting has evolved over the last few years with Bivvy Lights. In addition, Fishing Head Torches and torches are also becoming essential fishing tackle items for anglers. When angling at night, seeing what you are doing in the dark is no fun—even worse, trying to tie a rig or land and unhook a carp.

Angling at night can be dangerous; falling in a lake and falling over in your swim is so easy. It would help to have the proper lighting after dark, as light does not last forever. However, it allows you to set up in the dark and catch carp with the safe knowledge that you are protected.

Fishing lights can be bought in various types. If night fishing in a bivvy on the bank, a ridgemonkey bivvy light will come into its own when the sun goes down so you can stay active at night. From reading an excellent book, chatting with friends, or watching a film using your iPad. Anglers have another lighting, like the Fox Halo Light, to buy and place on their bivvy table.

The other option is additional bivvy lights around your swim. Some have waterproof casings to add lighting outside your bivvy at night on pole attachments. Not so you can see your rods set up to stop you from falling on the water's edge.

Head torches in angling have been the primary lighting in carp fishing for thirty years. It can be left on the neck at night if you get a fish to allow you to visit a friend at night. This type of lighting is versatile and can be used in many ways to keep your hands free while fishing.

When selecting the best lighting, anglers often check the light's number of lumens or brightness. Fishing Lights have changed over the last few years: red for night fishing, green: for blue,  and different levels of white that do not scare fish or other anglers.

This has meant carp fishing lighting at night has never been better and extends the time you can stay active while angling. Brands have pushed forward carp fishing lights in recent years, like Fox, Nash, and Ridgemonkey, who are leaders alongside lighting experts Petzl and Lemco LED Lenser.

If you have questions, why not discuss fishing head torches or carp fishing lights on our carp forums?