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Indicators used in predator fishing come in bobbin and drop-off designs. When selecting an indicator, the next decision is what brand to go for, as many makes exist on the market.

Fox Swingers are highly regarded, although hangers from several other manufacturers are also popular. All these indicators let you know visually if you have any activity at the business end of your fishing line. The only issue with these products is false readings caused by fish bumping into the line. For example, they might disturb the bait while swimming close to it, or extra movements can be caused by wind and undertow.

Getting liners, as false indications are often called, is all part of fishing while waiting for a proper take. The best time to catch most predators is when the weather is cold. Using a swinger or hanger, in combination with a bite alarm, is common practice. This setup is widely recognised as giving the best of both worlds, especially when takes are at a premium during prime predator time in the depths of winter.

Drop-off indicators are perfect if you want to give the fish time to move once they pick up a bait. In addition, you can add a beta light to the indicator when it's gloomy or dark. These products are available from Fox, Korda, Delkim and Wolf - all companies that help you to take your fishing to the next level.