Sonik AXS Duralloy Levelbed

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The AXS DURALLOY™ Levelbed features our revolutionary Stance™ frame design. This new frame layout allows us to move the 2 outer legs into their optimum position to provide extra stability and support across the entire length of the bed. Combine this with the latest DURALLOY™ tubing makes this one of the lightest and strongest levelbeds on the market. Comfort has not been overlooked with a Cordurflex™ and Peachskin mattress and fully elasticated lumber support system that can tailored to suit your preferred firmness. A slightly raised wide pillow area is comfortable for back, front and side sleeping positions and the Cordurflex™ material is warm and comfortable if you want to go ultralight for summer and use the bed with just a light thermal cover. New and improved Stance™ frame design for unrivalled stability Superlight and strong Duralloy™ magnesium alloy construction Completely flat profile with wrap around lumbar support in both centre sections 30mm foam mattress provides ideal balance between comfort and weight Cordurflex™ lined centre section and peachskin skirt for a touch of luxury Spring loaded leg adjusters with large mud feet Twin bracket folding to allow sleeping bag storage Leg locking collars on all legs Two side compression straps for compact storage Two convenient side storage pouches
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