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Fishing Rod Pods have stayed a firm favourite over the last thirty years with carp anglers on the bank, holding carp rods in a perfect position. Fishing Rod Pods are in various shapes and types. Some are suited for fishing in Great Briton, and others are suitable for continental Europe.

Rod Pods are available in 2 Rod Pod, 3 Rod Pod setups or more. So you can find the perfect pod for your needs and create your ideal arrangement.

Sitting on your bedchair, the fishing rod pod, once set up, gives you total control of your setup. So you can sit and chill on the fishing bank while waiting for your dream carp to make your alarm sound.

Carp Fishing is our passion, and at, we love researching the latest tackle; in this case, we love sharing news on the latest and greatest rod pods in fishing.

Fox International was the 1st company to launch a carp rod pod in 1984 and has a whole stable of pods covering the UK and Continental Europe. So now there are great Fishing pods from Nash, Cygnet, Solar and Jag available at a wide number of price points from low prices to top end that you can trust.